Ten things to do now that you are engaged

  1. Start your wedding binder: Look for ideas in magazines and the internet and start to get a feeling about what you want your wedding to be like.  A great tool to help with all the checklists you need is the Western New York Wedding Workbook.  http://wnyweddingworkbook.vpweb.com/
  2. Plan an engagement party: This may be something your parents want to host for you.  Just make sure that those who are invited to the engagement party are also invited to the wedding.
  3. Pick a date: Think about what time of year is a favorite and then decide what month you want.
  4. Find a ceremony and reception site: Some different locations to consider are a ballroom/hotel, country club, restaurant, garden, beach, art gallery ect.
  5. Get engagement photos: This is a great time to check out a photographer for your wedding. Engagement pictures are a great way to get to know each other and become more comfortable with each other for the wedding day.
  6. Set your budget: Decide what elements are important to you and places you can spend a little more and other parts where you can save.
  7. Find a wedding dress: Be sure to try on different styles to see what fits best for your vision and your body type.  Sometimes what might not look good on the hanger may be your dream dress.
  8. Make a wedding website: It is a great way to let your guests know what the events are.  I nice personal touch is to add a story about how you met and got together.
  9. Consider a Consultant: A consultant can help you save time, someone to answer your questions and someone to be there on the day of the wedding to make sure everything goes smoothly.   Most planners have a Complimentary Initial Consultation to find out what services are best for you.  http://www.wnycreativewedding.com
  10. Start your guest list: The most important factor is to set guidelines.
  • Who is paying
  • What is our budget
  • Will we invite coworkers
  • What are our limits on extended family
  • Should we eliminate the and guest option
  • Do we want to invite children

Don’t forget in all the excitement of the engagement, to take some time to just relax, take in the fact that you are engaged,  and that you will soon be husband and wife.


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