Should you buy a gown on the internet?

eWedNewz obtains a List of Pirate Wedding Websites, as Sales Drop

March 12, 2012  By 6 Comments

By Paul Pannone

In an ongoing eWedNewz investigation new information involving alleged websites that sell inferior knock-off merchandise to American consumers could put a dent in the action, as dress manufacturers mobilize against the sources in China.

Pretty close? Right?

According to sources familiar with the story online sales have been decreasing, even for dress companies with high rankings on Google. Conversion rates are declining in the busiest demand time of the season that began in late 2011. Sources say that traffic is up but actual sales are plummeting.

“The only two explanations for lack of sales that I can come up with at this point are

1) trying to sell dresses that have increased on average 20% for 2012 in an economy that’s not that great or

2) the counterfeit websites selling knock off dresses for 50-75% less than the original designs.

I think it’s probably a combination. The economy could be driving people to order from the counterfeit websites with the hope that they will get “the dress” they want for much less. Our employees are reporting that they are talking to many customers on the phone and in the store who are either planning to order from a knock off site or already have and couldn’t wear the dress they were shipped,” according to sources.

Over the weekend eWedNewz obtained a compilation list of websites that are reportedly selling gowns that are either knock-offs or of inferior quality. Here is the list: