Your wedding budget: Sometimes it is all about how it looks.

As I have said before I am an organizational geek.  The office supply store is one of my favorite places to shop.  I love to see the new pretty ways to organize my stuff.  Pretty is the key word though.  If it is not pretty, I don’t get as excited or motivated to organize or deal with anything.

Unless you love math and numbers, your wedding budget is probably one of the scariest things about planning your wedding.  I am so scared of math, that the thought of making or dealing with a budget almost gives me an anxiety attack.  Sticking to and keeping track of your wedding budget is going to be one of the biggest and probably most important tasks during the planning process.  So, make it as pretty and as fun as you can.  I love to use pretty binders and folders.  My big find this weekend are these pretty binders and folders that I found at BJ’s Wholesale.  Do I still have tasks that I still don’t really want to do?  Yes, but they are going to look really pretty when I am done.


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