What will your wedding smell like?

Do you ever smell something and it automatically brings back a memory?  Sometimes I smell things and they remind me of a moment from my childhood or a moment in a relationship that I had.  Smells are also important to me as being  clean.  A place may be clean, but it is doesn’t smell good, to me, what was the point.  I like to burn a candle in the shop so when people walk in they think, wow this place smells good there must be something great here. Well that may be a little bit dramatic, but you get the point.  🙂   It is all about creating a good atmosphere and a good scent memory.

Does that mean that you should be putting air fresheners all over your reception? No, but one of the best places to create a scent memory is at your wedding ceremony. Putting something at the reception may not mix well with the food you are serving.  Place a few strategically placed candles at the entrance, up around the altar or wherever you will be standing for the vows.  It can be a scent that goes along with your theme, or just a scent that you like.  Look for something that is unique and something that will give you that good scent memory every time you think of your wedding day.


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