Easter or Spring Wedding Centerpiece?

It has been said that I can take just about everything and relate it to weddings.  Well in this case it really may be true.  I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw this Easter arrangement, and I immediately thought wedding centerpiece for Spring.  I actually find that quite a few of the things I pin to my boards come from looking at things other than weddings.




Peacock Bridal Show

IMG_0708We had a great time at the Bridal Show at the Hidden Valley Animal Adventure in Varysburg, NY this past weekend.   The theme was Peacock and I had a great time making the centerpieces.  I never knew how much I loved the look and colors until I did these!  The lodge also does weddings and it is a beautiful location.  They have a place for the ceremony outside, and the reception in the main area of the lodge.

IMG_0692My little assistant wedding planner was so excited about being a part of the “fashion show” and had a great time walking around showing off her gown.


The lodge was absolutely beautiful and they provided a great room for the girls to get ready and hang out before the show.  They did not have an official fashion show, but my oldest and her 2 friends had a great time walking around in bridal gowns.


It was a great show and one I plan on doing again next year!