The Budget

Budget may be the most dreaded word you hear while planning your wedding. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it becuause your budget will drive all your wedding planning decisions.  I always tell my brides to pick the 3 top things that mean most to you as a couple when you start planning your wedding.  Once you figure that out, those will be your priority and the other things you don’t have to spend as much on.

will it be enough?How do you  even go about setting a wedding budget?  Well isn’t it lucky that you are reading this post. 🙂

  1. Do your homework so you are not guessing at what things cost but have an actual number to work off.
  2. Make phone calls to at least 2 vendors in each category and talk about prices.
  3. Set one budget for the ceremony, bridal party and misc. items.  Set a second budget for reception costs.
  4. Hold a budget meeting if you are not paying for all the expenses yourself.

My biggest tip for budgeting, is to keep a separate wedding account to be used only for wedding expenses.   That way you know exactly what you are spending money on and how much you have left over for other things.