My Brush With Celebrity

To tell this story I first need to give a little background.  For years as we drive back from Olean on route 16, there is a sign that reads 1999 Miss USA from Franklinville, NY.  My husband and I have had discussions about it over the years that she used to live up the street from him. So he actually kind of knew and her family.

Fast forward to a Tuesday here at the shop when a woman walked in.  You know the type, beautiful skin, flawless hair, a person you want to hate because they are so perfect, but, you are too busy being jealous of her.  We talked for a few minutes, and she said she was meeting some people there.  In comes the bride, her mom and a bridesmaid.  They were pulling and trying on dresses while I was taking in consignment and measuring for a tuxedo.  Of course everything happens at once.  The bride found a dress she loved and the dress shopping seemed done.  As they were leaving,  the beautiful one saw a purple leopard print dress I had hanging on the rack and said she really liked it.  She is going to judge some pageants later this year and decided to try it on.  This is when the story really gets good….

The mother of the bride says to me, you should ask if you can take her picture because then you could say you had a former Miss USA in your shop…..then when she said her name all the pieces started to come together.   Her name was Kimberly Pressler and she was the actual person whose name I have seen on the sign so many times.

Surprise, surprise the dress looked beautiful on her.  So that was my brush with celebrity here in my exclusive consignment bridal shop.  Maybe the pageant, she and the dress will be on tv…….hmm…..stay tuned.