The Budget

Budget may be the most dreaded word you hear while planning your wedding. Unfortunately, you cannot avoid it becuause your budget will drive all your wedding planning decisions.  I always tell my brides to pick the 3 top things that mean most to you as a couple when you start planning your wedding.  Once you figure that out, those will be your priority and the other things you don’t have to spend as much on.

will it be enough?How do you  even go about setting a wedding budget?  Well isn’t it lucky that you are reading this post. 🙂

  1. Do your homework so you are not guessing at what things cost but have an actual number to work off.
  2. Make phone calls to at least 2 vendors in each category and talk about prices.
  3. Set one budget for the ceremony, bridal party and misc. items.  Set a second budget for reception costs.
  4. Hold a budget meeting if you are not paying for all the expenses yourself.

My biggest tip for budgeting, is to keep a separate wedding account to be used only for wedding expenses.   That way you know exactly what you are spending money on and how much you have left over for other things.




Wedding Planning 101- Get Organized


Getting organized is probably the most important piece of advice you can have when planning your wedding.  Make lists, write out everything, and settle on a definite budget. If you don’t, I truly believe you are setting your self up for a lot of extra stress.

The first thing you should always do is settle on your budget. You need to know how much you can realistically spend. It is so easy to get carried away and lose track of how much you are spending.  You find something you think is a good deal on sale, and the next thing you know you have spent more on things that you were not even planning on buying.

Yes, these days brides are keeping all their plans on phones, computers ect.  I am one of those people who want a tangible way of organizing.  I recommend still keeping a binder of all your wedding details.  You can keep everything in there from inspiration pictures, checklists, budget tracking, brochures and anything wedding related.  Besides, if you love office supplies and organizing like me you can get a prettiful binder, daily planner and clips to make it even more fun. 🙂


Ornaments: The unexpected wedding centerpiece

When you are a Thrift Store and Yard Sale bride you sometimes have to think outside the box.  You are looking to get the most impact or “bang for your buck.”  When shopping, look for things that you may not expect to be in a wedding centerpiece, but give it that added touch.  Ornaments are one of the best things to use as your main décor or as an accent piece.  I really like them because they come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes.  And, if you plan ahead you can shop for them at after holiday sales and get some great deals.

I this arrangement I  decided to use them to accent the colors I was already using.  They added some glitter complimented the main colors I was using.


Another option is using them as the main focus of your centerpieces.  This adds sparkle by adding your own wedding colors you make it your own. ffcfe8944c1e44d2311bd1531f9183b2

They can also be used in unexpected ways.  You expect them on a Christmas tree but not necessarily on this kind of tree.


Get creative and make it about you and the kind of look you want for your own wedding.


Bridal Style: Your Bridal Look For Less

Yes it is possible to get a beautiful bridal look without breaking the budget.  That is why I decided to open my bridal consignment shop.  I have shopped in consignment stores for years.  Admittedly some are better than others when it comes to the selection and condition the clothes.  In the right store you can even get brand new with tags pieces.

I absolutely love it when brides find their dream dress.  I had a bride just recently who came in and was “just looking”.  As soon as I put on the veil she knew.  She cried, her friend cried and I got chills.  It was awesome.




Brand new with tags David’s Bridal style # V9263.  Satin corset ball gown with beaded lace appliques, organza pick-up skirt, and lace-up back.  Original price $599.  At my consignment boutique $450.

Matching veil and tiara are also available.



Wedding Lanterns

One of the places I “yard sale” is at my mother’s house when I get a chance to go out to Ohio to see her.  The prices are great (free) and she has a basement full of things.   One of the last times I was there I found these lanterns.  One was black and the other a bronze or gold color.  To make them more “wedding like”, I spray painted them white.


I then added some crystals, ribbon and pillar candles to complete the look.  You could use any color ribbons, flowers or candles to match your wedding colors.  They would look great as part of an outdoor ceremony space in a tree, or even as an accent for your reception space.


Big Impact, Small Budget

Sometimes it is just the little touches that can make a big impact.  There are some great ways to add to your décor without having to blow your budget.  This trick I learned by being obsessed with wedding shows, and repeatedly watching episodes of Whose Wedding is it Anyways.    Instead of colored table linens, use ribbons to accent your tables.


You can also add impact by dressing up your table numbers to match your theme or colors.

IMG_0753You can even use colored napkins either with an accessory, or with an unusual fold.

IMG_0752You can also use a colored glass to give a pop of color to your table.

IMG_0751Use one, two or all of these ideas on just your head table or sweetheart table.  These will make a big impact on your décor but not your budget.


New Wedding Magazine: Flea Market Weddings

I am addicted to wedding magazines. 🙂  So when I found a new one I was very excited.  Though I think I should start my own publication.  Garage Sale and Thrift Store Weddings, mmmmm………