New Year’s Eve Wedding in WNY

I have always wanted to get dressed up and go out on New Year’s Eve.  This year I finally got my chance!  I had the pleasure of decorating a wedding in Great Valley, NY.   The bride really wanted blue up lighting and it was so great that I was able to find some at the last minute.  Her vision of sparkle really came together and now is on the top of my list of favorite weddings. 🙂

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Glitter Spray Paint: The next big DIY Wedding Tool!

Spray paint was never exciting to me until the day I saw glitter spray paint!  I am definitely a bling person, and why not add some bling to your wedding decor.  It started when I wanted to bling out my wedding dress mannequin open sign for my shop.  That is when I started to get addicted.   Then it was time to get some garland to put in the window for Christmas.   Well of course I needed it to match the arrangement and bling of  the ornaments.  Glitter spray paint to the rescue!   It gives it a really cool look because some of the green still shows through.   I already have ideas for my next project….. 🙂

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

I am not a big fan of winter, but I love the look of winter weddings.  This branch centerpiece is such a great combination of elegance in the flowers and rustic charm with the crystal branches.  I have more winter wedding inspiration on Pinterest so check it out!