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Thrifty Bridesmaid Dresses


Thrifty and stylish brides need to think beyond “traditional” when they are planning their weddings. When choosing bridesmaids dresses think about getting ones that coordinate but do not necessarily match. These 2 dresses have the same color scheme and would look super cute in pictures together. The best part, not only are they cute and stylish, they are thrifty and found at a local bridal consignment boutique. That same boutique also carries matching sets of bridesmaid dresses if that is the look you are going for. Bring your bridesmaids out for a day of shopping so you can make sure that each dress is a good fit each girl in your bridal party.





Bridal Stylist Tips for Gown Shopping

1. What is the theme of your wedding? You may already know your theme, or it may be a result of the style of dress you choose. I recommend trying on many different styles and eliminate ones that do not fit your venue or theme. You can still wear a glamorous dress for an outdoor wedding; just make sure it fits in your vision.
2. Who are you bringing with you? This is important especially if you are easily swayed by other opinions. You want people who are going to be honest with you but who are not going to try to influence you to love a dress you don’t or not get one that you do. I have seen many brides walk away from a gown they love just because someone they are with talks them out of buying a gown they love.
3. Make sure you are clear about things you want or do not want in a gown, but also be open to new ideas. The most important thing is to make sure your stylist knows your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a dress that is way out of your price range. Talk to your stylist about what styles you have in mind so you have a place to start. Bringing pictures is a great idea so your stylist has an idea of what dresses to pull. One of the most important things to keep in mind is not to judge a dress until you try it on. It always looks different on a person than on the hanger. Be open to trying on different styles other than what you have in mind. I have had many brides find that their dream gown was one they did not even expect to like. A stylist has experience pulling the right style to fit the bride’s vision so be open to a few new ideas in style.
4. Trying on dresses can be stressful and tiring. Trying on gowns can be very tiring especially if the style you like tends to be one of the heavier ones. A
corset back also adds time to your appointment because it takes longer to lace up. Pace yourself and take breaks, drink water and even stop for a snack if you need one.
Most of all just have fun! This is a really special time in your life; take the time to enjoy the process. 

The Thrifty and Stylish Bride

If you are decorating your wedding on a budget, one of the best things to do is concentrate on key focal points such as the ceremony altar and reception tables.  Maximize what you have.  If you don’t have enough in the budget for linens on the tables, get a few for the cake table and the head table.  Add some candles for lighting and you have a great look without having to spend too much.



Shop at Store Sales: This may seem obvious, but if you can shop for seasonal decorations when they go on sale, you can save money.  This does involve a lot of planning ahead.  You should have a plan in mind before you go shopping or you may end up with a lot of things that are nice, but don’t fit in with the look you are going for.


Shop at Yard and Garage Sales : Yard and garage sales are great places to find décor for your wedding as well. Look beyond your typical wedding décor and search for household items.  Old chairs can be repainted for the sweetheart table.  Find cute dishes and containers for your candy bar.  This is another one of those times that you need to have a project and vision in mind so you don’t end up with things you won’t use.



Shop at Consignment and Thrift Stores:  I have been a consignment and thrift store shopper for years. You can even find new items for a fraction of the cost it was new.  Look for a bridal consignment store in your area where they sell new and once worn gowns, veils, shoes, jewelry and accessories.






Elegant and Affordable Wedding Decor

I am always on the lookout for great deals and things to offer brides to make their planning easier on them and on their budget.  I was really excited with my latest find at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  26 crystal bud vases.   Add flowers in your wedding colors, some candles and you have beautiful and elegant look for your reception.  Come on in to the design center and see about renting décor for your wedding!


What’s New in the Design Center

Here’s some of the new Thrift Store and Yard Sale Bride Design rental options!  There are 30 each of the round silver and 30 each of the square royal blue tablecloths.  Also available are table numbers and holders, lanterns, bows to decorate the ceremony and tulle with lights.   Call to set up and appointment for your mock table setting!  Or contact me through my website Creative Elegance Weddings. (716) 592-2131 or (716) 353-3761.




We also now have 150 white chair covers available for rent as well!