Getting Your Gown Wedding Ready

The final step in preparing your gown for your wedding is pressing. Pressing  should be done one or two days before the big event. And while many harried  brides opt to have their gowns pressed professionally, it is possible to do  yourself.

If you opt to go it solo, here’s what you’ll need:


When pressing your gown, always use a medium setting without steam,  and make sure there’s no water in your iron that could spill out and leave  marks. If there are some stubborn wrinkles that won’t iron out, fill your  spritzer bottle with water and spray a fine mist on your gown.

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A plush towel
  • A spritzer bottle
  • Some tissue paper
  • A sheet
  • Two hangers
  • Two ribbon loopers
  • Some pins

Seven Steps for the Best Press

  • Begin with the bodice. If your gown is plain, you can press it on the  outside. But if there’s an abundance of lace and decoration, you’ll want to  press the bodice on the inside, placing a plush towel over your ironing board  first.
  • When the bodice is completed, move on to the sleeves. Using either a  pressing mitt or hot pad, slip your hand inside the sleeve, then press the  sleeve against the mitt. When you’ve finished, stuff tissue paper inside the  sleeve to keep it wrinkle-free.
  • Next, press any bows using your pressing mitt, and stuff with tissue when  finished.
  • To press your train, find a place where you can hang it about 5 inches off  the ground. Begin at the side seam and work your way around to the front, then  to the back of your gown. Make sure to press all the way up to the waistline and  down to the hem.
  • After all the pressing is complete, attach two ribbon loopers with pins to  the bottom of your train and hang on a hanger (if you can’t find ribbon loopers,  use a skirt hanger).
  • To keep your gown wrinkle-free until the wedding, hang it from a doorway.  Spread a sheet out along the floor, then hang your gown from either a hook or  the top of the door. Now, gently lay your train on top of the sheet. If  possible, attach the bottom of the train to a hanger and hang it up across the  room from the front of your gown.
  • To transport your gown, bring the two hangers together, then place the gown  in a bridal bag. When you unzip the bag, your dress will be wrinkle-free — and  aisle-ready!

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The Consignment Advantage

Shopping for school clothes for my kids these last couple of weeks has really gotten me thinking back to why I opened my bridal consignment boutique in the first place.  My youngest daughter and I went shopping the other at one of the name brand stores she really likes. I was in shock at how expensive the clothes were.  Even the clothes on clearance.  Needless to say we were kind of depressed when we walked out without buying anything.

We then ended up at a consignment store that I have never shopped at before.  We were both really excited when we had a whole pile of clothes to try on.  Many of which were the name brand of the store we had just been in.  A few of which still were new with tags, at about 80% to 90% off the regular price.  We ended up with a coat and 4 outfits for about what we would have paid for one pair of pants in the other store.

It brought me back to why I started my business in the first place.  I want brides to find a gown they love without having to break what might already be a small wedding budget.  I had one of the best compliments the other day from a bride.  She was saying that she and her bridesmaids came in only expecting me to only have a few gowns to choose from.  She was very impressed by the selection.  She did find her dress.    I am excited about the future and being here for more WNY brides.


Bridal Style: Your Bridal Look For Less

Yes it is possible to get a beautiful bridal look without breaking the budget.  That is why I decided to open my bridal consignment shop.  I have shopped in consignment stores for years.  Admittedly some are better than others when it comes to the selection and condition the clothes.  In the right store you can even get brand new with tags pieces.

I absolutely love it when brides find their dream dress.  I had a bride just recently who came in and was “just looking”.  As soon as I put on the veil she knew.  She cried, her friend cried and I got chills.  It was awesome.




Brand new with tags David’s Bridal style # V9263.  Satin corset ball gown with beaded lace appliques, organza pick-up skirt, and lace-up back.  Original price $599.  At my consignment boutique $450.

Matching veil and tiara are also available.



Wedding Lanterns

One of the places I “yard sale” is at my mother’s house when I get a chance to go out to Ohio to see her.  The prices are great (free) and she has a basement full of things.   One of the last times I was there I found these lanterns.  One was black and the other a bronze or gold color.  To make them more “wedding like”, I spray painted them white.


I then added some crystals, ribbon and pillar candles to complete the look.  You could use any color ribbons, flowers or candles to match your wedding colors.  They would look great as part of an outdoor ceremony space in a tree, or even as an accent for your reception space.


The DIY Trap: Does it really cost less?


Most everyone is looking to save some money while planning their wedding.  DIY projects have been one of the biggest ways that brides use to save.  Can making things yourself instead of buying them save you some money?  The answer really is Yes and No.  It all depends on how much the project is going to cost you to make.  Sometimes after you have invested money in all the supplies, you end  up spending more than if someone else would have made it.   In the quest for savings, it is easy to get caught up in finding great deals and getting lots of supplies to make the projects.  Without really planning ahead it can end up costing you more in the long run.

I have done it myself.  I get all excited about a project and I search stores for sales, I go to yard sales and I get things I know are a great deal.  But, they are only a great deal if I can actually use them for my project.  I have totally ended up getting things I don’t need because I don’t plan ahead.

Before you go shopping make sure you have a vision on paper or a picture of the project with you  Know what your budget limit is and make a list of the things you need.  That way you know exactly what will work or not.  Yes, sometimes the plan changes if you find something you think will work better.  You are much less likely to get things that won’t work if you plan ahead.

Happy Project Making!

Umbrella Chandelier: Wedding Decor

Being a Thrift Store and Yard Sale Bride is all about taking things you find and making them work for your wedding.  This project is a perfect example.  This is made by taking the top off of an umbrella, and adding lights to make a chandelier.  A couple of these would make a beautiful accent for your wedding reception space.


Not your ordinary wedding flowers

IMG_0965I love that more and more brides are adding décor elements to their weddings that reflect who they are, rather than what a  “typical” wedding looks like.  Why not use colored pinwheels for some whimsical centerpieces.  They will be unique and help keep your budget in check.